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Based in Montreal, Sismitech is a dedicated seismic engineering team specializing in earthquake-resistant design and solutions. Our expertise lies in designing and certifying braces for mechanical systems (HVAC and MEP) as well as other non-structural components. With a commitment to meeting your unique needs, we deliver effective, cost-efficient, and secure solutions inspired by best international practices.


With over 13 years of invaluable seismic engineering experience, our team has amassed an impressive portfolio of successful projects across various sectors, including multi-store residential buildings, high-rise skyscrapers, multi-story hospital complexes, police stations, Hydro-Québec installations, and hazardous industrial buildings. Sismitech’s extensive expertise and proven track record allow to deliver exceptional results for all your seismic engineering needs.

Our dedication to innovation drives us to develop cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and services that surpass the competition. We take pride in offering innovative and practical ideas that cater to the unique needs of our customers, who are at the heart of all our activities.


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