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Sismitech is synonymous with quality, innovation, and direct relationship with the customer!

Based in Montreal, Sismitech is a team specializing in earthquake-resistant solutions. We offer you design and certification of braces for your mechanical systems (HVAC and MEP) and other non-structural components. We meet your specific needs with effective, economical, and safe solutions inspired by best international practices.


At Sismitech, we help our customers to build faster, more reliably, and safer without overspending on installation and material costs. Each solution is adapted to specific conditions of your construction sites and situations.

Sismitech is distinguished by its experienced and specialized team of engineers, technicians, and estimators. We create technologies, methodologies, and services that stand out from the competition. We offer innovative, realistic ideas adapted to needs of our customers who are at the heart of all the activities!

Beginning from preliminary concepts we produce estimations with a high level of precision. Our team specializes in analyzing the needs of our customers and offers precise and adapted solutions. Throughout your project Sismitech offers valuable engineering and support!


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Simpler, faster and safer!

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